Corporate Layoffs & Dismissals

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Employees that are permanently laid off from their employment when their corporate employer 'restructures' and 'reorients' its business operations for its exclusive financial benefit, have it impressed on them that their layoff package is the best possible outcome for the terminated employees, with there being no realistic possibility for anything better. Furthermore, these corporations want the laid off employees to believe that no employee should contemplate challenging the layoff package. Nevertheless, given the significant deficiencies in most layoff packages and fundamental issues with most employers' computational practices, most laid off employees are due more than they are being offered, which is supported by solid legal principles and arguments. Yet, it is only possible where a laid off employee consults a lawyer that understands where the potential flaws exist with their employer and is prepared to act upon it to the fullest extent possible.

Especially with larger employers, many of which have inadvertently exposed themselves through a broad array of publicly-available information, their corporate layoff packages tend to be seriously inadequate, in particular where one or more of the following employment aspects exists: (i) long-term employment, (ii) salaried employment, and (iii) employment in Alberta. To say that lawyers have become increasingly complacent wtih corporate layoffs and employee dismissals is an understatement of Canada's employment law problems. Based upon our own research and analysis, not only are employee payouts significantly depreciated, but there are also powerful legal tools to realize a significantly greater payout, yet those legal tools have not been effectively optimized to the employee's financial benefit.

Our approach, however, is not for everyone. When we take on layoffs and dismissals by corporate employers, we pursue it very aggressively, attacking their fundamental employment practices. As such, for those individuals who simply want to accept the layoff package and move on, even if it means leaving behind a considerable amount of money, we are probably not the right legal team. For everyone else, especially those employed by larger companies (who think they are so strong and powerful to be beyond reproach), that meet our internal criteria for aggressive employment litigation, we have a unique legal approach that you should seriously consider. If this is of interest to yourself, feel free to contact our law firm in strict confidence, by telephone at 403-400-4092 or 905-616-8864, or via email at

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