Fired, Terminated, Laid-off, Quitting, Resigning

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The harsh truth is that most employees that lose their job or leave their job, leave behind a significant amount of money that they are legally entitled to. This includes being fired, whether laid off, terminated without cause or terminated with cause, or voluntarily departing, be that quitting, resigning or retiring from one's former employment. And this is particularly true where one or more of the following employment aspects exists: (i) long-term employment, (ii) salaried employment or (iii) employment in Alberta. Naturally, where more than one of these employment aspects are present, there is an even stronger likelihood that you are due significantly more money from your former employer than you received.

Yet, due to the highly technical nature of employment law, most employees, and even lawyers, are not aware of what employees are properly due. Instead, they only proceed with standardized payouts for terminated employees (termination pay, severance pay) and are led to believe that when voluntarily departing one's job, an employee is not due anything from their former employer. However, where one or more of the previously indicated employment aspects is present, those employees need to seriously rethink their pre-existing understanding, including getting a second opinion on their legal entitlement post-employment. When one seriously investigates and deconstructs the legal and financial aspects of employment and employee terminations, firings, layoffs and voluntary departures, the significance of understanding your legal position becomes readily apparent (this includes looking at EI and beyond).

Our approach, however, is not for everyone. When we take on an employment case, we pursue it very aggressively, such that we don't pull our punches with your former employer. As such, for those individuals who simply want to move on, even if it means leaving behind a considerable amount of money, we are probably not the right legal team. For everyone else, especially those employed by larger companies (who think they are so strong and powerful to be beyond reproach), that meet our internal criteria for aggressive employment litigation, we have a unique legal approach that you should seriously consider. If this is of interest to yourself, feel free to contact our law firm in strict confidence, by telephone at 403-400-4092 or 905-616-8864, or via email at

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