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"Proposed Sinopec lawsuit highlights risk of underpaying workers on overtime"
by Jeffrey Jones and Christine Dobby
Globe and Mail - September 6, 2020
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Quotes from the Globe and Mail Article:

Ms. Hena Singh, an employment law expert and partner at Singh Lamarche in Toronto, said she frequently sees employers shortchanging employees on some aspect of compensation, often without realizing it. “More often than not, if you comb through any corporate payroll practice, you will generally find an error in how things are calculated, and sometimes it’s big. What seems small might be significant when you’re looking at hundreds of employees over many years – that’s when you get into millions of dollars.”

Monique Jilesen, a partner at litigation law firm Lenczner Slaght, whose practice focuses on class actions: “You could anticipate that any number of issues would come up, in part because decisions have had to be made by employers everywhere very quickly. And it’s possible in those circumstances that they weren’t strictly in compliance with the law, even if everything was done in good faith.”

Christopher Neufeld, the lawyer advancing this class action lawsuit: Employees don't often scrutinize their pay with lawyers and accountants, and employers tend not to look at how they might be underpaying staff, especially if employees do not challenge them. “However, with the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating the already-depressed job prospects in the oil and gas sector, and the pandemic being a solid legal argument for increased severance pay, there’s a definite push by terminated employees to seek all that they might be owed.”

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What Too Many Fired Canadian Employees Overlook
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