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Although our current class action lawsuits are specific to the named defendants, it has become readily apparent that these employee payroll issues are not limited to the named defendants. Based upon our ongoing research and investigations (as well as court litigation that we are presently developing), it would appear that other employers operating in the province of Alberta have been violating provincial employment standards legislation and case law precedent with respect to their own long-running underpayment / non-payment of overtime pay, general holiday pay, general holiday pay when working, vacation pay on termination of employment, termination pay in lieu of notice and severance pay.

While most Alberta-based companies might in fact be conforming to all statutory and legal payment obligations for their former and current employees, other companies clearly are not and until the specifics of your former employer have been properly investigated, there is a possibility that you were underpaid and a signed release or other legal document is not necessarily a barrier to your financial recovery. Should you have concerns as to your former employer's payment practices and the potential of your having been underpaid, contact our law firm in strict confidence.

It also should be noted that as we are in the process of instituting legal action against certain other major corporations with respect to their underpayments, such that in those particular circumstances, your input could be extremely beneficial in advancing your own financial recovery, without ever becoming the representative plaintiff in those particular class proceedings. Almost every legal case benefits from identifying additional legal transgressions as against the particular employer defendant, such that attaining that information and supporting documentation is almost always highly beneficial to our ongoing legal efforts.

The question for you - If your employer has underpaid yourself, oftentimes for many years, and that underpayment might be even more significant than any perceived deficiency in your termination pay and severance pay, why should you not be receiving all that you are legally entitled to? Both provincial employment standards legislation and case law precedent is specific as to your entitlement, such that at a minimum you should be investigating this very real possibility with a knowledgeable lawyer that is well versed in these employee payroll underpayments.

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Why to look beyond Termination Pay
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